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Storage Tips


Kitchen Storage

  • Your Refrigerator: If you’re storing a refrigerator in your unit, leave the door ajar. This will prevent mold from growing inside. Store small items like pots and pans in large appliances, such as stoves or refrigerators.
  • Food Items: Do not store any food items to avoid attracting unwanted pests.

Delicate Items

  • Delicate Items: Use furniture drawers to hold delicate items. Wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Covers: Cover your stored items with protective covers such as heavy duty plastic, sofa covers, mattress totes or tarps.
  • Air Conditioning: Some items may need to be stored in Air Conditioned units to prevent damage such as antiques, electronics, or valuables.

Making Storage Easier

  • Uniform Boxes: Try to use boxes that are a uniform size as they are easier to stack.  Keep heavy boxes on the bottom and stack lighter items on top.
  • Fill the Boxes: If you are storing a lot of packing boxes in your unit, try to fill them to the top even if it is just with padding and old, crumpled newspapers. Boxes that are only half-filled tend to collapse if anything is placed on them.
  • Easy Access: If you plan to access your stored items frequently, invest in a unit one size larger and leave an aisle in the center for easy access.
  • Loose Items: Put as many items in boxes as you can. Protecting your stored goods inside boxes or plastic bins will save moving, unpacking and cleaning time.
  • Label Containers: Label storage containers on top and sides for easy recognition.
  • Hardware: Put all hardware in bags and mark the bags accordingly.
  • Packaging Paper: Do not use printed newspaper as the ink may smudge and get on your items.

Security & Safety

  • Prevent Fires: Under no circumstances should you keep anything flammable or combustible in your storage unit. This includes gasoline, oil, cleaning fluids or paint thinner. If you are storing any machinery that runs on gas, drain the tank before you store it.
  • Prevent Theft: Our storage facilities have ample security. However, it is still wise to take a few precautions of your own against theft. Pack your storage unit so that your most valuable items are at the back, and purchase a high quality padlock to put on the door.

Lawn & Garden

  • Lawn & Garden Equipment: When storing lawn and garden equipment, drain any fluids prior to storage in order to avoid corrosive damage.
  • Garden Tools: Use trash cans to store shovels, hoes and rakes.




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